Fattening the Parasite

This is the nightmare from which he cannot wake,

He quells his fear of out-and-out failure,

By shunning the regurgitation,

Of miserable life histories.


In a gauche attempt to cover his own whimpering,

He simpers like a naughty child,

Embarrassed of being caught with his,

Hands in the candy jar once too often.


He knows,

He’s one of the self-same stuck records,

He’s sick to the stomach of hearing,

Headed for the same recycling center as the rest but,

Puking up the past, leaves a bad taste in his mouth.


Reality is a cordoned off crime-scene.


A house of secrets, frustration,

Betrayal, desperation,

An addiction, and curse of,

Fattening the parasite,

While repressing the beast.


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