I was shocked by my television,
Disgusted by the news,
I complained out loud at the TV people,
But nobody heard me, so,
I changed the channel,
To some lighter entertainment,
Did nothing more,
And fell asleep in my armchair,
Tomorrow, the news will be bad again.


The Ugly Side

Those who have shown me,
The ugly side of humanity,
Taught me to walk,
In the opposite direction,
Sometimes, looking back over my shoulder,
I make a mental note to thank them.


I’m too proud to admit,
To weakness,
I’m too weak,
To admit to my strengths,
Said the man,
With an eagerness,
To admit defeat.


Poor Danny boy he wears a frown,

Hangs his head real low down to the ground,

Danny’s world has been turned right upside down,

Been let down, ripped off, kicked around,

Danny’s mouth barely makes that begging sound,

Most people walk by, some look round,

Spilt milk turns sour in Danny’s cup,

Sits in the doorway with a smoker’s cough,

He’s never been well-known to lady luck,

Those poisoned veins can’t get him high enough,

That parasite will bleed him right enough,

He’s high and dry and not too tough,

Danny has no place to stay tonight,

There’s always someone drunk looking for a fight,

And Danny never walked so slow,

Among the shadows and the ghosts,

His shoes all worn through his jacket torn,

It doesn’t look to be all that warm,

I wonder if Danny has a light,

At the end of his tunnel, at any time,

Or a tunnel at the end of his life,

No place of shelter, you know it isn’t right,

Danny takes a drink of a cup of coffee,

That someone bought him from the nearby café,

It’s near the bus stops above the subway,

Same place I saw Joy every other Saturday,

But he couldn’t afford to sit at the table,

I know he’d be in there if he was able,

His hands in fingerless gloves clutch the plastic mug,

And Danny’s grateful as a thirsty dog,

He’s never been down and out before,

Living in the gutter, though he has been poor,

I wonder if he’ll last another night,

Looks like a rabbit in the headlights,

I wonder if Danny has a light,

At the end of his tunnel tonight

Or a tunnel at the end of his life.



Dim The Lights

Laid out on the couch in the afternoon, awake,

It’s become my favourite resting place,

Though I cannot get comfortable for my life,

When I was a kid, I had two bunks to myself,

So, I built a den and lay down on the floor,

And that’s where I’d sleep for the night.


Dim the lights on the day,

My thoughts are sailing away,

Turn the seasons away,

Lest another year older comes to smash in my door.


Don’t want to play my guitar today,

I can’t play that well anyway,

Singing off key,

Steals my soul felt words from me,

Songs about the absence of a love I never had,

Aching from the memories of old friends good and bad.


Dim the lights,

Dreams are a picture show to view,

Turn away history,

Before it catches up with me, and before, it catches up with you.


I remember their names, but never their faces,

They’re lost to the same haze that united us in those places,

We never said hello and never goodbye,

We just drifted into and out of each other’s lives,

They pluck the wrong strings of my heart as I wonder,

When seeking out honest emotions became my thunder.


Dim the lights,

I don’t want to shed light on those days,

It might turn the bones in their graves,

It might wake the ghosts of yesterday.


I hope to catch the sunrise tomorrow,

I’ve known too many sunsets, too many dusk’s,

Too many false dawns, seen, not enough day,

I don’t think my eyes have seen a four-leaf clover in years,

And the lottery of luck is running errands for the rich,

I’d be satisfied with being poor if being broke wasn’t such a bitch.


Dim the lights,

My eyes are closing again,

Turn the season,

I’ll dream of springtime rain.


And I’ll fill your half empty cup,

With my teardrops again,

I’ll give you some grace,

To swallow it down,

Or throw it in my face,

I’ll be leaving tomorrow morning.


That sounds like I remember it,

It resonates with the chill in my bones,

Takes me back to the moment,

I first heard the news,

How I didn’t wonder why,

It didn’t shock me,

Guess my trust in human nature,

Had already taken several blows from Tyson,

You’d never see the damage from those punches,

Till you observe my lack of big reactions,

Zoned out,

My numb words, my dumb mouth,

Eyes rolling back toward the ceiling,

As I’m knocked out for the count again,

Completely unaware.

Scenic Route

If I’m alive today,

I died a thousand deaths along the way,

If I’m here with you today,

I took the scenic route,

The devil packed my suitcase for the journey,

Hell gets hot if you don’t know,

Whenever I fell from grace,

I knew about it,

I have more than an inkling,

It’s always been this way,

If I’m still alive today,

I’m a few incarnations away,

From being wise,

If I’m here with you today,

I wonder what the hell I do,

To win a prize.

If You Think You Understand Me

I’m just hanging on,

To the edge of reality,

Within a fingernails grasp,

Of sanity,

I’m just hoping that,

You can take it on the chin, again,

That, I’m not living up to expectations,

I know,

I’m just wrestling with,

The demon inside of me,

That’s making a bid,

To break free,

I’m just hoping that,

You think you understand me,

And if you think you understand me,

You’re doing better at this than me.