Negative Vibes

Sometimes you sound bitter,

Full of old regrets,

You’re going to add some new ones,

Well what did you expect?


Take some pills for your delusions,

Fill your lungs with slow decay,

One day you will remember,

You did it all your way.


You tell yourself you can be someone,

Tell yourself you can be cool,

Say one day you could be someone,

Then watch it all fall through.


Negative vibes are coming to get you,

Can’t you see them in these eyes?

You’ve never listened to reason,

I hope you’re satisfied.


I turn this picture round to see it,

I know I’ve seen it once before,

I know one day that I’ll regret it,

That’s what the picture’s for.


Negative vibes are coming to get me,

I can see them in your eyes,

This time I’ll listen to reason,

Hope I’ll be satisfied.




Drift Away

Standing at the edge of the ocean,

Watching the tide roll away,

I’ve got a mind full of dreams to be seeking,

As I call the breeze to come take me away,

Take me away.


Thinking of the lines I should’ve written,

I could never find the right words to say,

I know someday, that I’ll be dancing with you,

Dancing where shadows play.


There is no rest as seasons go on turning,

There’s an empty space where you used to be,

You are gone, but this heart goes on beating,

Did you ever think of me? At all.


In the early hours of twilight, I sit waiting,

Listening to the birds in serenade,

I wake to only see the light of morning,

I wake to only greet another day,

That drifts away.


It’s a crooked old game,

What they’ll do in your name,

So, tell me again,

How do you play it?


When our hands are tied,

And our eyes are blind,

And the cards are on the table.


Sometimes I wait,

As we sit face to face,

Hoping to really find you.


But we’re captives in life,

And we’re prisoners in death,

Chained to the moment,

That never happened.


One careless word,

One breath out of place,

A bloodstain, a bruise,

A broken promise.


Tomorrow we hide,

Tomorrow outside,

Tomorrow no more borders.


We were captives in life,

Now we’re prisoners in death,

Chained to the moment,

When nothing much happened.


Our hands are tied,

Our eyes are blind,

And the cards are on the table.


Life in monochrome,

Steal my air,

Steal my sanity,

Comb my hair.


Frame an emotion,

Paint me grey,

Within this landscape,

Paint me,

On my way.


I’m tender to the bone,

Any day,

I could leave,

I’m not here anyway.


Life in monochrome,

No turning back,

I’ve been exposed,

It’s all turned to black.


I’m bruised to the core,

Any day,

I could leave,

I’m not here.


With so few words you cried out louder,

I swear you’d never spoken clearer,

To read your eyes last time I saw you.

I stared into a softly fading flame.


I never knew you all that well, my friend,

Though you were always around,

With one finger on the trigger,

One foot on the ground.


I was glad to find you fighting,

Though you believed,

There was so little left to save,

In that same moment death came smiling.


-You threw it all,

For heroin.