I’ve been writing poems and songs since 1998, it’s my personal way of keeping note of thoughts, emotions and experiences, and a process of cathartic release.

The beginning of my writing coincides with my being diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder, and, many of my earlier writings reflect the disorientation of my mind at that time.

I decided that now was a good time to take stock of what I had collected up over the years that still had some meaning for me. To revisit earlier work and effectively rewrite the book in a manner that was more succinct and clear than before. This is therefore a blog compiled from a diary of events that has been revised, stripped of any pretentious use of flowery language blended in a mixing bowl with newer poems, and offered up in a manner that makes clear sense to the reader.

Due to the poems, originating from actual events in my life, names where present, have been changed to protect identities, anonymity and privacy, while other names have been left out entirely.

I am very much of the opinion these days that poetry should speak with the natural voice of the author.  I have read many poets in my time and been awestruck at the language they have used to present their poetry but felt in many cases the language was a barrier to my enjoyment of the reading process where it seemed page after page, too wordy, and over-complex.

Expertise in wordiness and complexity are not necessarily bad things, in their place, but they are not my personal style, and don’t reflect my natural voice. I want to engage the reader with honesty. It’s a personal journey so I want to connect with people not through my thesaurus but from myself; this includes explicit language in places and dark subject matter. We do not live in a perfect world, people can be cruel, heartless and thoughtless. We affect each other in endless ways and this poetry is the result of that very same living experience.

I may occasionally post music video links to songs that have been the soundtrack to my life.