This is a pretty-ugly world,

On the surface, I fear,

It’s pretty-ugly under the ground,

Beneath our concrete gardens,

Our glass houses and towers,

It’s where we stow the bones,

It’s where we stow the bones,

Keep them out of sight,

From the pretty-ugly world,

The pretty-ugly women,

The pretty-ugly men,

All the pretty-ugly disasters,

That are invented by them,

Making pretty-ugly decisions,

Choosing pretty-ugly words,

Being pretty-ugly to each other,

Underneath, I fear.

Guess I

Guess I got my words twisted up,

Guess I got my mind fixed up,

Guess I got my heart fucked up,

Guess I got my head messed up,

Guess I got my life washed up,

Guess I got my hands tied up,

Guess I got my feet tripped up,

Guess I got my notes torn up,

Guess I got my thoughts mixed up,

Guess I got my world made up,

Guess I got life.

Answers You Want

If you look inside you’ll only find yourself,

Trying to run from the same damn shadow,

That’s haunted you all your life,

The answers you want, they’re not the answers you get,

If you look outside of the crime scene,

For clues,

And you don’t examine the scuffs on your own shoes,

You’ll be a saint by the end of that bottle,

You’ll be a visionary holding a cigarette,

And through the blurry haze of the lamplight

Is there anyone still there?

No there’s nobody around, but you.

Running Backwards

I’m not here to tell you how it goes,

I’m not here to tell you where it went,

You’re spent; hellbent, on trying to find,

If anything was worth saving anyway.


I see you running backwards,

Looking over your shoulder,

Searching untold distances,

With your minds eye.

Looking for that shiny something,

You must have missed along the way.


I’m not going to tell you how it goes,

I’m not going to show you where it went,

You’re spent; hellbent, on trying to find,

If anything was worth saving anyway.


I hope you find that shiny something,

That passed you by,

You’re heading for the old rut,

You have everything that was worth saving anyway,

You just kid yourself there’s something better,

Than this.


Come Down to Earth

When I come back down to earth,

It’s easy,

This is no experimental day,

No dress-rehearsal,

I’m fully present on the scene,

When I come down to earth,

I’m living for today,

I’m dreaming awake, my eyes wide open,

To the wonders of love and life and fun,

No illusion, no pretenses,

I stare straight into the mirror and,

We both feel the same,

It’s time to turn and face the sun,

Time to smile with everyone,

When I come down,

I come down to earth.

Apple Blossom

Petals scatter on the pavements of Spring,

New life’s awakening,

The light shining through a gap in the curtains,

Suggests a blue-sky kind of day,

I want to tear down the curtains,

Let the light shine down on my maudlin heart,

Prise open that slow ticking clock,

And set free the butterflies,

Unfurl my sorrows like buds,

Turn them into something beautiful,

Unravel my confusion like a fern,

Face the day with outstretched arms,

I’ll dance barefoot,

Beneath the apple blossom,

As nature’s confetti rains down,

Soft and slow.


I am everything I never wanted to be,

I got everything I ever dreamed of,

My feet are on earth,

My head in the clouds,

My heart is in outer space,

Gravity doesn’t know where to place me,

Despite my inability to levitate,

Sometimes I dream I can fly.

Intricate Webs We Weave

Every little wish,

We build from desire,

A rare, fresh-cut flower,

To admire for an hour.


Silken deathbed dreams,

A veil across the eyes,

Poison kiss of deceit,

Sings sweet lullabies.


A tarnished heart gathers,

Dust from your soul,

Leaves the door to your secrets,

Neither open nor closed.


Outwit your foe,

With a wily hello,

Haunt him with love,

And guilt will grow; a rare flower.


A rare flower,

Freshly cut, to admire for an hour,

Decorated in the delicate threads,

Of intricate webs, we weave.


Thin Disguise

I trace back the lines in your face,

To the moment they lost all grace,

I can see through your thin disguise,

Right through to the devil behind your eyes,

I see you left your beast untied,

Keep telling all those sweet little lies,