What Inspires Me To Write?

Poetry to me is a cathartic release. Life is my inspiration, experiences, emotions, the senses and I write about what it means to be alive from a personal perspective. It is my voice when I’m unable to speak or be heard. It is a process of voicing thoughts that would otherwise go unnoticed. Once in the hands of the reader they are open to interpretation and perhaps the reader may find pieces of themselves and their own lives in the text.

Warning: Contains Explicit language

As you read these poems it may become clear that a lot of it is very personal. Due to the nature of my writing habits being directly linked to real events and experiences and being written like a diary, this is unavoidable, names have been changed or left out entirely to protect privacy and anonymity. There are poems in here I wish I’d never written largely due to the subject matter or emotions connected to events, but they matter, just as much as those I’m comfortable with.